A few days before your session, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water and catch up on rest. The winter months can also be harsh on our skin and lips, please try to moisturize your skin and make sure your lips are not chapped for the session. During the summer, make sure to wear sunscreen, as tan lines can be a hassle to retouch later.

A Few General Tips for Wardrobe Options

Please make sure your wardrobe is fully pressed and ready to wear for the session. 

It’s a good idea to bring plenty of options to choose from. This can range from a wardrobe choice that is a sure bet to another option which breaks some of the rules and is possibly more fun or unexpected.

Think about colors that complement you, color tones that bring out your eyes, skin tone, hair, etc.

Usually darker or jewel tone solids work best for headshots.

White can “sometimes” appear too bight on camera but feel free to bring it as an option, as it may work well with different lighting.

A black option may be nice to have as well. 

Make sure you have some long sleeve or ¾ sleeve choices.

Heavier or form fitting fabrics that don't wrinkle a lot as you move, work best.

Make sure wardrobe fits well and is not too baggy.

V-neck or scoop neck lines always look great.

For women, make sure to bring the best bras for the tops you're bringing. Different bra tones and camisoles will reduce a “see through” effect under the studio lights.

Satin or silk, “flowy” button down blouses with a necklace can look beautiful for a softer, professional headshot.

Most shots are head-shots or 3/4 shots (mid thigh or waist
Try to stay with more solids; too many patterns or logos can be distracting.

Please feel free to bring a variety of wardrobe choices to the session.

Choosing a Make-Up Artist

I work with great make-up artists who know my lighting and photography style. The make-up artists I can schedule for you all work on a professional and commercial level and have years of experience. They are fully skilled in make-up for all skin tones and ages and understand the industry well.
If you have a favorite lip color or hair product, feel free to bring it along. Otherwise, the make-up artist has everything needed for the session.

The look we’re most often going for with headshot make-up is a polished, fresh, more natural look, that is still defined and compliments your best features. 

We like to say, “Your headshot should always look like you but on a really good day!”