Random Client Notes

Dani, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience I had yesterday shooting with you and Sarah. I was nervous going in but you made me so comfortable and were so positive through the entire process that it became fun. And I love what I was seeing on your camera. You are very talented. I think my agents are going to like the photos very much.
- Kimball, 2015

Hi Dani,
I've had nothing but kind words. You did such a great job. You were so easy and helpful to work with. Thanks again. 
- Suzanne, 2015

Dear Dani,
WOW WOW WOW WOW I am falling out of my chair looking at these!! It will take me a day to think on which ones to edit! The session was A BLAST! Such a huge blast. You're a generous spirit. Thank you for the work you did! You're the BEST!
- David, 2016

THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS!!! You are so very, very good at what you do. I am so grateful for your time, talent, generous spirit, and buoyant, lovely laugh! What a blessing you were able to take these for us.
- Kelly, 2016

Thanks so much! So many people said it was hard to pick because they were so beautiful!  Thanks so much for capturing me so well! 
- Daisy, 2016

Megan had a college audition this past weekend and she handed her headshot/resume to one of the adjudicators (attached so they just flip it over) with the resume face up. When the professor turned it over to see her headshot she exclaimed, "Whoa, what a beautiful headshot!" And when a couple of the other kids in her audition group saw it, they said they wished you lived in their city, because they would definitely go to you. Just thought you should hear. We are so very pleased. It just so rounds out the complete package. The rest of the audition went as good as it gets. Fingers crossed.
- Joan