Dani has provided headshot photography, studio shoots for shows, and various event photography projects on location, for the Brave New Workshop for over seven years now. Her skill and expertise are invaluable, and she’s a great creative collaborator as well – always open to whatever crazy ideas we come with, and willing to offer her own suggestions and enhancements. She brings fun, positive energy to every photo shoot and gets the best out of her subjects. Dani’s a wonderful partner and we recommend her wholeheartedly.” 
- Brave New Workshop Theatre, 2016

Our organization hired Dani to take professional headshots to be used for social media, websites or meeting engagements for over 300 meeting participants. Dani was very patient, helped to make sure each person was comfortable and took the time to get the right shot. Her attention to detail was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with her service. Thanks Dani!
- Alice Hwa, Medtronic, 2016

Dani’s talents as a photographer extend well beyond the shutter. She has a gift for creating a comfortable environment and capturing the subject’s best features on camera. Our executive team looked and felt their best thanks to Dani’s professionalism, positive energy and talented support team, resulting in incredible headshots that our team is proud to use in publication, online and for public appearances. On top of that, she was incredibly responsive and accommodating to our timelines, quickly delivering our final product without missing a detail. I’d recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for us! We really appreciate it and your incredible talents!
- Kathy Ross, Strategic Communications, Minnesota Wild, 2016

Dani did such a fantastic job on my headshot this past fall that I gave my entire team the gift of the experience at year’s end.  We planned a half day event with Dani’s makeup artist and a stylist and ended up with a complete set of beautiful photos of each of us, plus a super fun group shot. Her studio was a perfect setting to mingle and share a meal while the work got done. Dani’s warmth, hospitality, keen eye, and outcome focus make her a delight to work with and her results nothing short of impeccable. I highly recommend her and her team! 
- Abigail Barrett, 2016

It takes a village to raise an executive. Thanks for a great headshot shoot. You captured my client perfectly and brought out his winning looks splendidly. I recommend you to the world for a fab business headshot, plus a fun time with the headshot gang. 
- Roshini Rajkumar, 2015

Dani has a keen understanding of how to work with her subjects to make them feel comfortable in front of a camera, this results in amazing pictures that really captures a person’s essence. Dani has worked with our students for a number of years.  She helps to educate new actors on how to work with a photographer to get the most out of their sessions. She also works with young actors to make their first experience pleasant and affordable. She is a Minneapolis institution.
- Deborah Pearson, U of M Guthrie Program 2016

Caryn Model & Talent Management has been working with Dani for over 15 years! She has the ability to make all of our talent feel comfortable in front of the camera and her images truly bring out the best in people.  She is a delight to work with and her photography speaks for itself.  
- Deborah Rosenberg, Caryn Models and Talent, 2016

Dani Werner is an absolute gem. She stops regularly to review with you and talk about what you're going for so there are no surprises, and she really takes care of her client- she's just phenomenal. She makes the whole process so easy and comfortable — and the quality of the photos that come out of it really reflect that level of comfort. She captures you at your best. 
- Anissa Siobhan, 2016

"When I look at a photo of myself that Dani Werner has taken, I feel as if I'm looking at my true self, only better. I'm not alone in this. Through a combination of technical expertise and her own intuitive artistry, Dani and her camera lens capture the heart and soul of each client. I'm profoundly grateful for her talent."
- Alison McGhee, 2016

Dani is a true pleasure to work with — she has been working with our firm for over four years. She has the unique ability make anyone feel comfortable and confident which allows our personality to shine through in the photographs. She always delivers high quality headshots that we are proud to have on our website.
- Jessica, Stone Arch Capital, 2016

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